Hibiscus flowers on green background

Green Hibiscus

Teal paper with white hibiscus

Teal Hibiscus

Hibiscus paper - pink and white

Pink Hibiscus

Tropical Lily - Aqua

Tropical Lily - Purple

Tropical stripes paper

Tropical Stripes

cow hide paper

Cow Spots

peace sign paper or clip art

Peace Sign

Aster flower background paper, craft printable

Flower Patch

Heart rainbow stripes craft paper sheet

Heart Stripes

Aster flower background paper, craft printable

Flower Patch

Starfish background paper, printable origami teabag folding paper


Hearts checkerboard paper background

Hearts Check

Shell paper, printable scrapbook paper in conch shell design

Conch Paper 2

shells design printable paper sheet

Conch Shells Paper

purple paper polka dot design

Purple White Dots

gree dots paper printable sheet

Green White Dots

orange paper sheet, white dots

Orange White Dots

bats paper on purple background clip art

Purple Paper - Bats

Green Bats Paper

Green Paper - Bats

orange dots with bats paper sheet

Orange Paper - Bats


Purple checks background clip art or printable paper

Purple Checks Paper

Baby pacifiers pattern print

Baby Pacifiers

chevron paper orange printable sheet

Chevron Design

Large Printable Paper Squares and Clip Art Tiles

Large background squares are useful to make colorful backgrounds for card making, collage bits or for origami patterns.

I sometimes cut up these large paper squares for pieced paper quilt designs, card pieced patterns and paper mosaics. Paper pattern squares are also great for making ATC, paper beads or small gift tags.

Large squares measure approximately 400px by 400px, and can be used in computer graphics or desktop publishing programs to create backgrounds or repeating patterns.

Make It Your Own Design at Zazzle

Craft Paper Squares for Tea bag Folding and Origami

Tea bag folding papers and origami papers measure 200 pixels square. Each page features 6 squares.

Print as many as you need, or just one square - click and save the graphic. Many of these designs have matching larger 400 pixel blocks (see above).

Crafts supplies SALE

Craft Paper Blocks - larger sizes

Printable square paper swatch graphics are great for designing your own papers with word processing or graphics editing software.

You can make tiled backgrounds on web pages with these designs, or use them for card making and folding paper crafts such as origami, iris folding and tea bag folding.

Camo mandala square

Camo Lace Mandala

red doily paper block

Red Lace Doily

Cream background turkeys and pumpkins graphic

Turkeys & Pumpkins (cream background)

Thanksgiving background graphic - turkeys and pumpkins back ground

Turkeys & Pumpkins (green background)