Clip Art Collections

Original creative clip art collections for non commercial use. Find unique and exclusive popular theme clip art images for all the popular holidays, plus scrapbooking sets, party images, borders, frames in full color, and also check out our black and white clip art.

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Clip Art and Borders for crafters

Holiday Clip Art

Featured graphic images from our seasonal and holiday clip art collections.

Shown in this small preview set are selected popular sample graphics from current featured seasonal or holiday clip art collection.

Each holiday clip art collection includes colorful images, borders, backgrounds and word art.

green fairy clip art peace sign clip art rainbow

love birds border clip art

flamingo clip art paw print clip art

Seasonal Graphics Spotlight

Seasonal crafts and holiday gifts will be ever more creative made with original, inspired theme borders, clip art and printables.

Click to view all contemporary in season and upcoming holiday graphics and borders or browse a vintage clipart collection.

halloween clip art collection

Halloween Clip Art

thanksgiving harvest clip art collection

Thanksgiving Clip Art

Vintage Clip Art

vintage clip art halloween thanksgiving

Antique graphics ready for your retro designs and nostalgic paper crafts, with collections of images for all major holidays plus popular everyday themes.

uncle sam vintage clip art skull graphic

blue flowers vintage clip art


free clip art background

Explore our collection of unique clip art backgrounds in large or small sizes to use as page fillers or pattern backdrop graphics or design your own craft sheets, gift wrap and folding papers.

Borders & Frames

vertical clip art border

Borders, dividers, frames for all creative projects, in large and small sizes both vertical and horizontal layouts plus round, square, heart shaped, free form and page size frame borders.

Theme Graphics

kite clip art birthday clip art

Whether you need party clips, seasonal graphics, pirate images or other special types of clip art, you can find a wide assortment in our theme graphics collections with topics that range from animals to weddings, babies to parties and everything in between.


Fabulous free photograph clip art

Photos in various image sizes are available in our clip art photograph collections.

Word Art

Discover creative typography and calligraphy lettering graphic banners for specialized designs and holiday crafts in our ready made word art collection.

word art graphic

Clip Art Buttons

baby pacifier pink clip art its a girl   
chili peppers red green border roundhawaiian shirt clip art

Choose smaller graphics suitable for bottle cap crafts and other spot illustrations from our clip art buttons set. Click to view the entire button clip art collection.


Scrapbook Sets

Coordinated scrapbook clipart collectoin

In addition to single graphics and borders, we offer coordinated scrapbook clip art collection pages for many different themes and layout types. Topics range from girlfriends and skateboarding, car racing to special embellishments and holiday sets.

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